Yes.. My son with Severe Autism went to a Valentine’s Dance Last Night!

3b2564bc377780ef99ebec16c81f7cb7When you have a child diagnosed with severe special needs, some of the early questions on your mind sound a bit like this… Will they marry? Will they have friends? Will they fall in love? Will they happy? And on the list goes… These aren’t wishes for ‘normalcy’ as much as a life fulfilled. I was and am always wondering if Aydan feels he’s missing out.

In my writing and blogging, I often focus on exposing the people of this world who are harming our children through vaccination. Whether or not this is intentional destruction for world domination or merely incompetence and greed isn’t as clear as the fact that it’s happening. We can no longer dispute the facts on that.

But today, I’d like to expose another truth.. There are many good people in the world. When we moved to the area in Southern California, Aydan and my oldest son, Avery were 4 and 6. We found out about a local church that offered 3 hour respite care, free for families with special needs children. They would provide everything from bouncy castles, music, therapy dogs, and so much more with one on one attention for each child and their siblings. It started once a month, I’d drop the boys off. My son, Avery would ask all month long ‘is ‘Buddy Breaks’ this weekend?’ As the years went on more churches in the area started offering this service. At one point it was 3 Saturday mornings and a Friday evening, which was our favorite as it gave my husband and I a date night. He’s always had to work Saturdays, so I’d use the time to clean the house, get coffee, go shopping.. whatever I needed that day.

As Avery got older, I began dropping off Aydan and taking Avery on a special date. With my weekly schedule so filled with Aydan’s therapy or 1-1 time, etc.. This was a time just for me and Avery. I have a memory of him being around 8 or 9 and the movie, ‘The Lorax’ had just come out. A restaurant nearby was doing a special Lorax themed breakfast, so we decided to use this time for brunch and a movie. We talked about it for weeks and on the day of, he woke up and ran into the hallway, gave me a big hug as he exclaimed… ‘it’s Lorax day!’ Avery will be 15 tomorrow, so hugs aren’t nearly as easy to come by. I will remember this day forever.

Aydan has always had a good time going and everyone there treats him with utter respect. People often forget that just because someone is non-verbal doesn’t mean they are babies. Too many well intended teachers and therapists will talk to a non-verbal child like a baby or they’re deaf or they’re dumb well into their teens and adulthood. It takes special individuals to always see the value in others. We’ve had the pleasure of knowing many of these people.

So.. last night one of the churches we’ve been going to for Buddy Breaks over the years, invites us to a Valentine’s Dance. We’d never been invited before, so I didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived I was amazed to see, this was the real deal.. The whole kit and caboodle… Dancing, food, drinks, Dj… They even had a red carpet with photos and a crowd cheering on the tweens and teens as they went inside… A real formal. It was great.


When I arrived to pick him up at the end of the night, I was taken to the dance floor by the event organizer. I could see him across the room hanging out with about 5 cool looking teens including his date. She reported back to me that Aydan was the perfect escort as she held her hand to heart. At both pick up and drop off, I had to fight tears as I am now just thinking of the night.

Our kids on the spectrum work so much harder than most kids their age, I think they deserve a night to be the center of attention in a positive way.


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Aydan’s Road to Recovery from Autism and Vaccine injury: Where have we been, where are we now and where are we going?

20160908_122108For those of you who don’t know, I have been writing Aydan’s Road to Recovery blog since 2009. My son, Aydan was diagnosed with autism in 2007 after receiving multiple vaccine injuries. I’ve detailed it in several of my articles, my podcast Truther Talk, radio interviews, etc…. But that wasn’t the initial intent of my blog. All I really wanted was for my son to get better. I had read about family’s who had great success recovering their children from autism using different bio-medical treatments and I was hopeful that I could find these solutions for Aydan. I wanted to write about these treatments as we tried them and chronicle the events of Aydan’s recovery, so other families could benefit.

Over the years after countless hours of researching and reading, I kept coming back to the vaccine injury component. I wanted to move forward and focus my attention on recovery. I wanted to write cute anecdotal stories about the kids and recipes but the vaccine injury kept rearing it’s ugly head and I couldn’t ignore it. I met other families with horror stories of children regressing as old as 5, 8, 10 years old… I heard stories of seizures, kidney disorder and death… It became a matter of responsibility to speak the truth and I felt compelled.

The more I dug into this rabbit hole, called the Vaccine Industry, the more disgusted I became.. I have yet to find the bottom of the hole.. It is a bottom-less pit with no end in sight… When you think you know it’s bad and dig a little deeper, you realize it’s much worse.. But I digress…

In the midst of all this, I never stopped looking for solutions and I never gave up my dream of healing, Aydan. No matter how many years would pass with failed treatments and money lost, I kept the dream alive and never saw any reason to let it go. Even well intended friends have suggested, I accept and move on but I never understood why I couldn’t accept things for how they are while maintaining hope for better. I do accept my son is 12 years old, non-verbal, suffers chronic gut pain and is still severely autistic.. I accept that reality and love him as is, and will continue to do so even if it never changes; however, I want better for him and I want him to live without pain and I will never give up on trying to make it so..

Now a little bit on the history of autism. Leo Kanner, child psychologist who did the first study and coined the term, autism (Greek for ‘within oneself’) in 1943, dubbed that ‘infantile autism’ was the result of bad parenting. Later it would be cited as being a result of a cold, neglectful, unfeeling parents and the term ‘refrigerator mother’ was born. This was not a good look for the parents of children with autism but autism was still very rare.

This would remain the accepted belief until 1964 when Dr. Bernard Rimland wrote his book, “Infantile Autism”. He noted that autism was not the result of bad parenting but was a neurological disorder that resulted from environmental toxins such as the ones found in vaccines. He recommended a treatment plan that included vitamin supplementation, diet, behavioral therapy and auditory training. He along with Dr. Sidney Baker and several others established the Autism Research Institute in 1967 and later the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol. As the years would go by, the autism numbers would increase faster then the doctors could research and find viable treatments. Rimland never stopped looking for solutions and was one of the first doctors to suggest Medical Marijuana for autism.. He was very ahead of his time.

You can see Dr. Rimland in this very moving video, addressing an audience of autism parents. See what happens when he asks how many of their children regressed following vaccination…

This was supposed to air on CBS… It didn’t…

Though Dr. Rimland passed away in 2006, his legacy certainly hasn’t. One of his colleagues and original creators of the Autism Research Institute, Dr. Sidney Baker is still treating patients.

Much like Rimland did, Baker has seen the need to evolve the biological treatments over the years. As the numbers increase as well as the complexity of symptoms, autism and autoimmune disease have gotten way out of hand. The CDC estimated number of people diagnosed with autism is currently 1 in 68, with 1 in 6 children having a developmental disability. The more current statistics provided by TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) have the rate at 1 in 38. Honestly… WTF?

While I could spend all day going off on this, I’ll bring it back to Aydan. As we’re still seeking healing and recovery, Aydan’s doctor reviewing Aydan’s file as a ‘tough-nut’ and ‘non-responder’ to previous treatments has referred us to Dr. Sidney Baker. Dr. Baker has come up with a therapy in recent years that he has been used to treat people with severe gut disease like my Aydan. Many have autism, autoimmune, asthma, allergies, etc… It’s a unique type of pro-biotic therapy meant to repopulate the gut with… here’s the strange part… parasites… Weird, right? When I first heard this, I thought it was odd to say the least and then I read ‘Epidemic of Absence’. This book lays out the evolution of disease and how we’ve traded pathogens that are usually healed with a healthy immune system for chronic life long illness. What has changed? Well… vaccines, antibiotics, antibacetrials, antifungals…. you name it. We’re killing off too many bugs without discrimination as to whether or not they actually have a benefit.

If you have about an hour, I highly recommend this interview with Dr. Sidney Baker to see how he found and uses this therapy..

Baker has always looked at the individual with autism as a unique person and never allowed the label to drive the treatment. He doesn’t recommend Helminth therapy for everyone but for those who have done all the supplements, diets and fermented foods without seeing a restoration of gut health. For those, like Aydan…

20171218_162248Aydan and I traveled to Austin to see his doctor last December and since he recommended Helminth therapy with Dr. Baker, we’ve done one treatment. And guess what? The treatment worked! Aydan has been calmer, happier and has shown far fewer gut symptoms. The treatment costs about 150-180 bucks including shipping, every couple of weeks.. It’s not cheap! We are due to have another treatment but haven’t been able to afford it just yet.

Any upvotes on Steemit and/or donations to Aydan’s Road to Recovery have and always will go towards his healing and are currently trying to fund his next dose of Helminth therapy.

Prayers and well wishes are also warmly accepted!!

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Thankful for Family, life and Cranberry Turkey Molds!

Last year about a week before Thanksgiving I was in a horrible car accident….


Fortunately I was in the car by myself and was not hurt physically at all but the car was totaled.  I felt horrible that I had to eat up our family time haggling insurance companies and trying to find a new car.  My husband was great and swiftly got us a new, bigger and better car more equipped to handle our growing family within a few days…


Last year I was so grateful to be safe and have such a wonderful, supportive family.  We even managed a classic Thanksgiving dinner.


This year the financial situation has been difficult with added car payment and so much other stuff… But I can’t complain.  I’m thankful I was able to spend two weeks with my family last week on a homeschool camping trip,  apple picking, playing and lots and lots of coloring…


(Unfortunately I didn’t get to record her talent show rendition of Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’… Cutest thing ever).

Our son Avery on the right…  Doing camp stuff with his camp buddy…

And this week, I’ve been leisurely planning the Feast of all feast.

I was even able to make this happen…  (Not on the original menu…)


Gaps, SCD and paleo friendly cranberry turkey molds see recipe here.

Today at about 90 degrees fahrenheit in Southern California, we’re considering a trip to the beach and then back home for more feast prep work, while watching the late John Candy in one of my favorite holiday movies…

And this too probably…

I’m thankful to have so much to be thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!


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The Liam Scheff Show: April Boden and the Son Rise Program, Plus The Origins of Religion 7-20-2016

One of my best friends – April Boden of Truther Talk – joins me to talk about her son’s journey and struggles with autism, and how you can help her take a next step into becoming a teacher and guide for others in this struggle. Please tune into the first half hour – don’t miss it.

Find April here:

Then, more of my journey through religion and science, as I peel back the concepts of religion, how it formed, how to question it, and how it becomes embedded in our consciousness – or unconscious.


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