I never gave any thought to vaccination prior to having my own children. With my first son, I was very nervous to allow him to be vaccinated and I remember my best friend telling me that her cousin had developed autism as a result of the mercury in vaccines, so to be sure to ask the doctor about, which I did and I’ll never forget what she told me ‘that’s last year’s problem’, she gave me a dirty look and then proceeded to vaccinate my son. Starting at around 5 months old, he started having chronic sicknesses which eventually turned out to be related to an issue with his gallbladder that eventually erupted. He survived the incident but it caused me to pause on vaccines and delay his remaining ‘well baby shots’ as they call them.

My second son, Aydan was born 2 years and 2 months later, he was a very big healthy boy, weighing 9lbs, 9oz at birth. Developmentally he was advanced walking by the age of 10 months and talking by the age of 12. At 13 months however, he would receive his MMR, phemmoccocl and chicken pox vaccine on the same day at which time he stopped talking.


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