Falsify! Are Vaccines A Science?

Falsify! Is Vaccination a Science?

Join me as I walk you through the concept of science versus pseudo-science or myth, using examples from religion and modern science, as we then take on VACCINATION. Is it “falsifiable?” Is it “Safe and Effective” as proponents claim? What is the true state of vaccination? And what are the “ad hoc” excuses that vaccine supporters make when they realize they’re supporting a pseudo-science?


One thought on “Falsify! Are Vaccines A Science?

  1. Bobbie May 22, 2017 / 12:02 pm

    I am personally affronted by the vaccines required by medical, government and so called scientific confirmation. I have seen first hand the damage this does to children. For what? Money? I just witnessed a 12 month old, 40 pound child receive SIX vaccinations on a single doctor’s visit. OVER THE OBJECTIONS OF THE CHILD’S MOTHER. Of course, she was told there would be only minor side effects. The child went home and was violently sick for two days. What scientific research supports this barbaric activity? It seems more like the “bleeding” that was done in the dark ages. It remains to be seen, what life long side effects are in store for this innocent. In my own family, damage has been done that may never be resolved.


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