Autism Moms are the new Salem Witches!

Hi there vaccination nation…  Boy.. big topic these days.. Valid argument on both sides, huh?  I mean, if you’re trying to destroy the health and lives of millions of people all over the world, then.. yeah, I suppose the pro-vaxxers have a valid argument, otherwise, they’re completely full of shit!

Oh, I’m sorry, please allow me to back up…  See, I’m an autism mom!  And by ‘autism mom’, I mean I am the mother of child who has been labeled autistic.. And what does it mean to be autistic?  It means that you have been physically, biologically and cognitively impaired through the injection of a needle.  This is not my opinion, this is not a gray area, this is not up for debate, or in need of more study.. This is a fact that is scientifically provable and verified by 1000s, if not millions of parents across the world.. I am one of them.  I am here to tell you that I watched my healthy son who spoke, played and gave eye contact freely, become a non-verbal, hyper-active, self-stimulatory, sick and sometimes aggressive child who following a round of ‘well baby shots’ could no longer remember how to go down a slide at a playground he’d been to dozens of times before.

If you tell me there is no ‘valid’ scientific evidence to prove this, you are wrong.. If you tell me this is my way of finding a reason for my suffering, you are wrong… If you say that there is a genetic predisposition that creates a vulnerability and then in some cases a vaccine can trigger ‘autistic like’ symptoms, I suggest you look up the terms ‘vaccines and mutagenics’.. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.  If you say autism is better than the measles, I suppose you take the time to go to a special day class of autistic students and follow them around for a while. Better yet, you should tape your mouth shut, bang yourself over the head so you can induce an excruciating migraine, eat junk food daily so you know what it’s like to have chronic bowel pain.. In fact be sure to eat all the foods you’re allergic to (and by the way, thank your vaccines for that too since allergies are a modern disease induced by vaccination) and walk around all day in an utter state of confusion while supposed ‘normal’ people talk to you like you’re stupid and constantly instruct you to ‘look them in the eye’. Have you ever seen the movie or the read the book ‘Johnny Got His Gun’?  Imagine that.. imagine being in a world where you have lost the ability to communicate and therefore are unable to tell anyone that your entire body is in chronic pain! Though your sensory system is all out of whack, you can hear, not only that but you understand everything, even though people talk to you like you don’t.. Or they don’t talk to you at all, instead they talk to each other about YOU, as if you’re not in the room.  Oh but there’s more.. this is just a partial list of the things my son goes through on a daily basis and I, as his mother probably only grasp a margin of it.  If I could trade places with him, I would.. It would suck but I would because I, like all mothers, love my child beyond any measure that words cannot possibly express.. To this day, I remain shocked by how profoundly deep this feeling is, it is like no other I have ever known.  And as most autism moms would, I would give my life back to God in a second to relieve his pain.. You wouldn’t have to ask me twice, I wouldn’t need a moment to think.. it’s thought, it’s done, I’m ready.. but it doesn’t work like that.  Now back to the whole autism mom thing…

As an autism mom, I have been told that my memories of my child’s regression after vaccination were not my own.. I’ve been made out to be crazy, hysterical, confused, stupid, un-educated, anti-science, one guy told me that ‘although my son’s story was sad, he hated me for telling it.. ‘ Hated me?  Total stranger, personally hated me… Almost funny when you think about it, except that it’s not funny.. like, at all.  It’s not funny that my son, like so many needlessly suffers and when we dare to tell others in an attempt to spare them the pain or merely to be understood, they claim to ‘hate us’.  They claim we are ‘beyond reason’ and that we suffer cognitive dissonance.  I know.. the irony is not lost on us. How many pro-vaxxers, doctors and so-called scientists spend the hours researching vaccines that we do?? The anti-vaxxers.. most of whom are autism parents.  Speaking of irony, check this out..   We.. the autism parents who allowed our children to be vaccinated are now the anti-vaxxers.  We learned the hard way and yet the propaganda is still blaming these Mickey Mouse measles shenanigans on us the anti-vaxxers, most of whom were vaccinated at some point… Well.. On second thought, maybe that part is true… I mean, those of us who were vaccinated might in fact be spreading the diseases we were vaccinated for.. Oh.. what’s that you say?  You seem confused pro-vaxxer.. Well, while you’re looking up ‘vaccines and mutagenics’ try also looking up ‘shedding’ and since we’re talking about measles, also try looking up ‘vaccine communicated measles’.. You’re welcome!

This latest measles outbreak as dubious as it’s origin may seem, just coincidentally started right after CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson admitted that he and several of his colleagues including Dr. Julie Gerberding, who stated during a congressional hearing that there was no scientific evidence to prove that vaccines cause autism withheld evidence to the contrary.  In other words, THEY LIED!!! They knew that the MMR (Measles vaccine) created a 340 percent increase of causing autism in African American males; they knew the younger the child received the shot the more susceptible they were; they knew they were risking the lives of millions and THEY LIED!! But never mind that, cause that’s government and lying is just what they do..  Pharmaceutical companies?  Are you serious?  Yes, of course they do it too, while you’re looking up ‘mutagenics and vaccines’, ‘shedding’ and ‘vaccine communicated measles, also try looking up ‘Merck whistleblower’.. My pleasure!

But propaganda never has anything to do with science, facts or the truth and this latest ‘measles-gate’ is no different.  It is a well orchestrated effort to force those of us who dare to bring this evidence to the light into submission through laws, legislation, ex-communication and ridicule.  Even writing this essay puts me in a vulnerable position but I crossed that Rubicon long ago.  I entered this hostile environment when I innocently started sharing the story of my son’s vaccine injury.  I had no idea that the subsequent research I would do to understand it, would send me down a rabbit hole that nearly 7 years and 100s, possibly 1000s of hours in, seems to have no bottom.  The more I learn about the real science behind vaccination, the more I am under the impression that the autistic children are just the tip of the iceberg.  The more I begin to think that all of the mis-guided, mis-educated, utterly illogical arguments presented by the pro-vax community is in fact, the result of their own severe vaccine injuries.. I mean, how can it not be?  How does anyone get run over by a train and not get hurt?  ‘Oh but some people can tolerate vaccines only the immune comprised..’ blah, blah.. stop it.. just stop it right now… Stop it with these tired old arguments because vaccines don’t work at preventing disease, so why do we still have to have this conversation?  Why do WE the autism moms and sufferers of vaccine injury need to plead our case for anti-vax.  Even those who have never been vaccinated, why should they defend a NON-action?  The doctors, pseudo-scientists and big pharma funded talking head politicians are the ones attempting to sell their product and therefore, THEY are the ones with the burden of proof, which they have failed to provide since day one!  And yet, this hoax continues…

But once again, no matter.. I don’t really have to tell anyone anymore that we’re living in a science fiction world like the dystopic futures described in ‘A Brave New World’ and ‘1984’.. Oh, but that’s just conspiracy talk, that’s just how us anti-vaxxers are, right? If a fictional dystopic future is too far fetched than how about our past?  How about the McCarthy era of the 1950s that led many Hollywood moguls to being black balled for their alleged affiliations with Communist.. ‘You’ll never work in this town again..’ Wakefield anyone?

Or better yet, how about the Salem Trials of 1692?  During a homeschool lesson, that’s right.. homeschool.. (“oh God.. she homeschools too?”  Yup).. Anyway, during a history lesson we found this blog, “History of Massachusetts”,  please allow me to share a little excerpt…

Witch Trial“The Salem Witch Trials was a classic example of scapegoating. Fear combined with a “trigger,” a traumatic or stressful event, is what often leads to scapegoating. Fear of the Devil, and witches who did his bidding, was very real in Salem at the time…”

I could not help but to empathize with the accused witches.. See, I the autism mom and we the anti-vaxxers have become the scapegoat for vaccination failure.  And the fear of the devil.. I mean, the disease has swept over the populace like a viral infection, only this infection is far more deadly than the disease itself.

So now, I, mother, autism mom, anti-vaxxer, truther, conspiracy theorists and witch have been accused of carrying out the bidding of the devil.  But as we’ve continually come to learn, this hoax is laden with irony.  The people of Salem would later come to understand the 19 hanged, many prisoned and several accused witches were innocent of witchcraft.  They felt remorse and would later have to retract their previous findings. So if we use this example, allow me to ask who really is carrying out the deeds of the devil.. The accused or the accusers?


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10 thoughts on “Autism Moms are the new Salem Witches!

  1. Sarah March 3, 2015 / 9:52 am

    To believe the only reason for autism is pure ignorance and uneducated. My son and many others who were never vaccinated, has autism. .. i have logical reasons not to fill my childs body with chemicals, and i know how it is to have a child high on the autism spectrum. . It doesn’t help to point fingers to the only thing you can think of at the time. Argumentative yelling on a page without proof you are correct, just pushes those who already vaccinate over the edge or the mother who is debating to vaccinate. It helps nothing. .


    • aprilboden March 3, 2015 / 10:25 am

      “To believe the only reason for autism is pure ignorance and uneducated.”

      I don’t believe that and I didn’t say that. I know people who have autistic children that weren’t vaccinated. While you maybe leary of vaccines, you apparently do not understand the deep complexity of them. I talk about the genetic predisposition as still being related to vaccination and those who may not understand that should look up mutagenics and vaccines. You cannot determine if vaccines were not the cause of any disorder or illness unless you can be assured that throughout past generations and their lineage that EVERY person in that family line wasn’t vaccinated. They are mutagenic and cause gene re-assignment; hence, creating a trickle down effect throughout generations. Proteins in the vaccines may attach to DNA, misfold upon their cells causing a faulty signal to the RNA; hence realigning genetic expression. Even disorders considered purely genetic can be linked to vaccination, such as Down’s Syndrome. It is far more complex than merely ‘chemicals’ or toxins. Everything is made up of chemicals, so when you say you don’t want to inject your child with ‘chemicals’, it sounds like’pure ignorance and uneducated.’

      “It doesn’t help to point fingers to the only thing you can think of at the time. Argumentative yelling on a page without proof you are correct,”

      Your statement is ironic as you’re the one coming on my page arguing with me. I point no figure at anyone and certainly not specifically but you are pointing the finger at me. And I most certainly do have proof, as I stated above.

      I appreciate your comment but I’m not trying to tell people to vaccinate or not, that’s not the goal of this essay. I’m merely pointing to the current state of propaganda as an observer and an insider. We are living in a society that paints the mothers of sick children as witches. I am not here to defend myself, I haven’t anything to defend. If you feel so strongly as to make a comment or feel un-represented then I suggest you write your own essay, this one’s mine.


    • suizou July 4, 2015 / 10:21 am

      I’m curious about your son’s GMO consumption (HFCS, etc.). Also, did you have a home birth or hospital? Hospitals cannot be trusted with babies while you’re still recovering. Just asking questions here.


  2. Virstyne March 3, 2015 / 5:25 pm

    I find it almost more laughable than a good standup comedy routine that, the very same people who want to say that there is no proof that vaccines are harmful, are exactly the same people who don’t want to look at the proof when you present it to them. No study will ever be peer reviewed enough, no doctor or scientist will ever be credible enough in their eyes. Of course there is no proof in their eyes if they are refuse to look at the proof. Out of sight out of mind. I find that my energy and spirit is wasted on people who want to argue and point the finger at you instead of trying to listen to what you are trying to say. Keep up the good work, research, observation, passion and compassion. You most assuredly have science and natural law, and the inevitable right to justice on your side. 😉


  3. Debra July 4, 2016 / 5:07 pm

    My daughter has HFA. It is its own pain. She looks “normal” and wants to be “normal” but she is not. She did not have a single friend from age 11 to age 23, in spite of how hard she tried. It broke my heart every day. Yes, it was related to her vaccines, and IgA deficiency, and Celiac disease. Keep writing what you are writing. Keep speaking truth to power. A mother knows. So many people are still asleep to what is going on in the world, but they are waking up slowly. That includes pediatricians. Namaste.


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